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How to rescue an echidna

Monday, December 18, 2017
There is a Short-beaked echidna somewhere in the wilds of north west Sydney, who has been given a second chance thanks to WIRES and wildlife heroes Salina and Bec.

Given increased development, this area of Sydney has seen an increase in the number of echidnas coming into care in recent months.

“That’s the third one I’ve cared for this year,” said Bec. “We’ve got so much development in the area, the poor things are being driven out of their homes.”

WIRES rescuer Salina answered the call to help the echidna who was found by a homeowner’s dogs in her backyard. 

“He had been in the position where we found him for four days,” said Salina, adding that the house was located across the road from where new housing was being constructed. “We initially thought he was stuck but he’d actually dug himself in.”

Realising that it was a two-person job to extract the echidna, Salina returned the next day with another experienced WIRES rescuer.

They were able to gently move the echidna and take him to a vet where he was found to have a scratched beak and injured leg.

“We get them out of harm’s way,” said Salina. “But we try to get them back out in the wild as quickly as possible.”

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Native animals are calling all heroes

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Everyday heroes come in many forms. Some people look out for our wildlife and call WIRES when they find an animal in need of help. Others are able to volunteer their time to become carers for orphaned, injured and displaced animals.

WIRES receives many calls about birds that need assistance but we wouldn’t have such a great success rate in rescues if it wasn’t for heroes like the members of the public and emergency services who regularly lend a hand.

In late October, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, some very observant council workers noticed the nest of a pair ofTawny Frogmouths at one of the city’s depots. read more



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