Brushtail Possum

Sunday, May 7, 2023

A member of the public put a trap inside her roof and caught a female Brushtail Possum with her back-riding joey. She took it to the vet and asked that it be relocated. The vet accepted the possums, and called WIRES.

Our Possum Coordinator, Kerrie, picked up mum and joey, and contacted the member of public. She was lovely and when Kerrie explained that possums are territorial and any relocation would likely end up in injury or death to both mum and joey, she was horrified.

Kerrie suggested she use the next few days to fix her roof, and that Kerrie would return the possum at the end of the week. Kerrie offered her a possum box, which she was happy with.

Kerrie took mum and joey into care for the next three days - very wet and rainy days, so they were safe and dry in care.

Kerrie and her husband went out on dusk to the member of public's house in the middle of Old Kellyville, and there was a huge silky oak at the front with a lovely fork in it. The member of public supplied a ladder and a hammer and nails and Kerrie's husband nailed the box to the tree.

Both mum and joey had been sleeping in a cardboard box in their cage, so Kerrie just transported them in that, and tipped them so they could climb into their new box.

Kerrie left them there with a towel blocking the doorway until full dark (removed by mop) and left a happy member of public who was pleased to have helped and saved her possums. Apples left out by the member of public were eaten, and there have been no reports of possums back in the roof.

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