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Brushtail possum

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brushtail PossumLate last week our WIRES Rescue Ambulance was called to the Veolia terminal at Clyde, in western Sydney, where an injured brushtail possum had been found.

A rubbish truck had returned from their run and emptied out the load when they spotted a juvenile brushtail possum climbing slowly out of the pile of domestic waste.

The very kind workers on hand managed to catch him and even had a cat carry cage handy to put him in. They placed a towel in the cage and put him in a cement archway nearby to keep him cool and quiet.

Sadly the young possum was filthy, covered in ticks and numerous old injuries and he did not survive.

WIRES would like to thank the Veolia staff who took such good care of him, apparently this has happened before but usually the possum runs away before it can be contained.

So if you hear a strange noise coming from your wheelie bin please check inside and making sure a curious possum has not been trapped there.



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