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In the aftermath of catastrophic fires, severe drought and extreme weather taking a tragic toll on wildlife, we remain focused on rescue, rehabilitation and recovery.

The last 9 months have been unlike anything WIRES or the Australian community have ever experienced. Compounding the impact of one of the worst droughts in history, massive fires raged for months in what has become known as Australia's Black Summer. Millions of hectares of land were burnt, much of which was threatened species habitat and 20% of Australian forests were lost. Species thought to be common may need to be reclassified and there are hundreds of species at risk of extinction.

A new report from WWF has confirmed that almost 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by the bushfire crisis, 143 million mammals, 2.46 billion reptiles, 180 million birds, and 51 million frogs. 

The global community support received enabled WIRES to provide national emergency support. In addition to supporting WIRES 28 branches in NSW, WIRES has funded over 240 projects nationally for licensed wildlife carers, groups and vets, critical koala research with The University of Sydney's Koala Health Hub, 64 projects to help wildlife nationally with Landcare Australia and critical recovery and conservation projects with Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

From September to May WIRES volunteers accepted over 26,000 rescues and we continue to assist sick, injured and orphaned native animals every day. WIRES are also working on a wide range of major projects with key partners to implement the best long-term solutions to assist wildlife and we are focused on preparation for coming seasons as it is forecast that the frequency and intensity of bushfires and extreme weather will continue to increase.

Wildlife Rescue 7 days a week, 365 days a year

WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. WIRES currently has 3,000 volunteers in 28 NSW branches involved in the rescue and care of wildlife and we have a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress. 

WIRES is passionate about supporting smaller volunteer organisations in the wildlife sector with the same mission, as well as Universities, Veterinary Associations and other leading scientific and environmental groups. In the last 5 years WIRES has been working with organisations including: WWF, National Parks Association, Humane Society International, The Wilderness Society, Nature Conservation Council, Birdlife, RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and IFAW and we thank these organisations for their significant ongoing contribution to the wildlife rehabilitation sector.

Currently WIRES presence is primarily in NSW where we responding to more than 90,000 rescues each year, we also receive around 170,000 calls to our 1300 WIRES line annually, including thousands of interstate calls. WIRES also plays a major role in community wildlife education with traditionally hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to our website annually which increased to over 1 million unique visitors in just the first week of January 2020.

In response to the tragic toll of the catastrophic fires and drought on wildlife, WIRES is actively pursuing significant opportunities to help wildlife more broadly across Australia, including partnering on projects to improve long-term outcomes for native animals.

Rescue Line

If you find a sick, injured or orphaned native animal in NSW please call our Rescue Office on 1300 094 737 for rescue help and advice.

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If you have found a sick, injured or orphaned native animal in NSW you can now report a rescue by filling in our online Rescue Form.

Emergency Advice

Read WIRES emergency rescue advice to find out how best to assist native animals in distress.

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Your donations help WIRES to rescue and care for more native animals, provide more wildlife information and education to the community, to protect and preserve native animals and to train and support more volunteer rescuers and carers. All gifts $2 and over are tax-deductible within Australia.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

WIRES and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) have joined forces to help save threatened Australian wildlife in response to the tragic loss of wildlife and biodiversity resulting from the castastrophic fires over Black Summer.  AWC and WIRES are committed to securing the future of Australia’s wildlife. WIRES is contributing more than $1.6 million to AWC’s bushfire recovery projects and towards saving the endangered Northern Bettong and Kangaroo Island Dunnart from extinction. read more

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