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Already we are seeing shooting victims. This joey was rescued after her mother was shot and killed.WIRES has been proud to play a part in the No Hunting Campaign.

The announcement on 4 July 2013 tells us that the NSW Government has responded to community concerns. We believe our native animals will now be safe in our national parks, however we will continue to monitor the situation. 

The key points in the announcement last week were:

            • the Game Council of NSW has been disbanded
            • amateur hunting in NSW forests has been suspended until at least October
            • there will be no unsupervised hunting in National Parks
            • a greatly revised hunting program will be rolled out on a trial basis in 12 parks as opposed to 75
            • this trial will be regulated and strictly controlled by National Parks and Wildlife Service. The limited number of volunteer hunters that will be used will have the same level of skills and qualifications as the rangers and field officers supervising them.
            • there will be no shooting during school holidays
            • Parks will be closed to the public when hunting is taking place, as occurs with NPWS professional programs. 
            • No minors will be allowed to participate
            • The use of bows, black powder muskets and pistols is prohibited

Without the support of the WIRES community, this major step in the right direction could not have been achieved! Thank you for your support. WIRES General Manager - Leanne Taylor

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